How to Get It Right – Your Best Hair Salon

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The most ideal way to find a hair salon or hair stylist that could cater best to your needs is to ask people with hairstyles akin to what you want for a referral to their go-to hair salon. If you see a great hairstyle that you may have been unsuccessfully trying to pull off, ask the person which hair salon they went to.

Another thing that you can do to ensure that you go to the right salon is to book a consultation. A consultation lets you “feel out” a salon before making an appointment. During a consultation, you can see the different techniques that the stylists at the hair salon are using and how they work together with their customers. A consultation also lets you express what you want and get feedback from a professional, all before the first cut is made.

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A professional stylist will discuss with you – and listen – to know more about your lifestyle, your activities, even your hair care routines and preferences, and will take stock of your hair condition, hair type, skin tones, face shape, and other features that may determine the best hairstyles for you.


Before you book an appointment any hair salon, you must have an idea about their pricing. The professional hairdressers may do a good job on your hair and leave you breathless but you may be just as breathless when you see the amount they charge you afterwards. Thus, the first factor to consider should be your budget.

Find a list of prices from various hair salons and compare them against the amount that you are willing to shell out. If you intend on making a particular salon your frequent go-to place, you may have to choose a hair salon with lower prices.


How far is the salon from your home, your office, or your local store? The distance from the main locations that your life rotates around matters a whole lot. If the salon is far from all these locations, that means that you can’t lump in going to the hair salon with other errands. Convenience matters.

You also do not want to get a salon that is a couple of hours away. It makes planning and going for a hair appointment a tad harder. There are so many other factors such as traffic to consider.

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Hair Salon Visit Frequency

How often do you plan on visiting this salon? If it is one-time deal, then you have less to think about. You can work with any salon is nearest you regardless of the budget or work with a salon that is far, regardless of the distance.

You may not have found your ideal hair salon if …

During your search for the right salon, there are some red flags that can be easily sensed to warn you of impending doom if you persist on going to a particular salon. Here are just a few:

Dirt and Grime

A clean hair salon is mandated by the state in which you live, yet some hair salons still tend to push the envelope where sanitation and cleanliness are concerned. Look for sanitary methods such as using clean combs and brushes and a clean and tidy workstation. Look at it this way, if the hairstylists of a salon do not take enough pride in their hair salon to keep it neat and clean, why would they be proud of the work they do with their clients?


A hair salon is a workplace and a gathering place as well, so you should feel like you have stepped into a professional but still friendly, customer-centered environment. Again, it is all about pride. Hair salons who take pride in their work will go all-out to create the ideal atmosphere for their customers.


Great communication is also important in a hair salon. Observe how the hairstylists interact with their customers (and each other). That is exactly how they will interact with you.

Eventually, it may take more than a little trial and error to find the ideal hair salon that caters to your needs well, but you can make your search more hassle-free by following our guide. Always remember, though, that picking the wrong hair salon is not a death sentence. Simply brush yourself off, move on, and keep looking.

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