Look Your Best on Your Special Day

Proms and weddings are two of the biggest days in a woman’s life, and they are days when it’s really important that you look and feel fabulous. These prom and wedding makeup tips will help to take the stress out of the big day, and ensure that you feel great and exude confidence.

1 – Have a trial day.

Plan a trial day where you’ll put on that fake tan, and test out your makeup. Do it a couple of weeks before the big day – not so far out that a lot could change with your look, but not so close that you can’t make changes. Get some photos taken, too, in the kind of setting that you’ll be wearing the makeup (so probably outside in daylight for a wedding, and in a darker room for a prom). Remember that sometimes what looks great in the mirror looks different on camera.

2 – Brighten your eyes.


Whatever the occasion, you want to have light, joyful eyes. Bring out the beauty of your eyes by using a concealer to hide any darkness underneath them.

3 – Go Bold!

Prom and wedding makeup should be very different from your usual look. Wedding dresses tend to be much lighter than day to day clothing, and prom dresses are a different look again. Make sure that you skin is smooth and clear looking, then accentuate your cheeks and lips – you’ll want a youthful glow for a wedding, and something that really stands out for a prom. Consider accentuating your eyes with individual eyelashes, for a nice fluttery look – it’s more natural looking than using a full strip of fake eyelashes, but it achieves the same goal of drawing attention to your eyes.


4 – Remember it’s a longer day.

With prom and wedding makeup, you need to know that whatever you apply will last. You won’t have as many chances to retouch as you would during a working day, and unlike a trip to a night club it’s not really acceptable to have runny mascara at the end of your prom. So, find ways to make your makeup last longer – use a slightly damp brush when applying eyeliner, for example. Wear higher quality products than you normally would, and make sure that you have a really good foundation – even if you are forced to cut corners elsewhere, a top quality foundation will make it last a little longer.

5 – Avoid fluorescent lighting.

Get your makeup done in daylight if you can. If you have a pro come to your house, make sure that you get them to work in a room with lots of natural light, or something that is as close to natural light as possible. Fluorescent lighting skews your perception of color in a noticeable way.

6 – Stick to the look YOU want.

You should probably have a pro apply your makeup, unless you really are confident in your sense of style and ability to make a look great. But that doesn’t mean that you should let a pro decide what your look should be. Stick to your preferences. Yes, let them make suggestions and guide you, but remember that at the end of the day you want to feel beautiful, and only you can say what makes you feel that way.

7 – Don’t go overboard.

For weddings and proms you do need makeup that will stand out, but you don’t want to go over the top. Find out ways to enhance your natural look. Makeup for events isn’t stage makeup. You want to look beautiful to people that are right in front of you, not have a look that makes your facial features stand out to someone three tables away. Remember, also, that you will be looking back on those photos for many years to come, so pick something timeless. Slightly brighter than normal is a good starting point. A more polished version of yourself makes sense. A matte T-zone, bright eyes and luscious lashes are all desirable, but there’s no need to go overboard with cosmetics, or with a glittery look that is in fashion today, but that will date within five years, let alone a decade.