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Should You Go to Professional Hair Salons or DIY?

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We’re in the golden age of DIY beauty. Thanks to a never-ending supply of how-to blogs and vlogs in multimedia, it’s effortless to discover how to do about any beauty service from the comfort of our own bathrooms — although this does not always mean we have to.

DIY vs professional hair salons

Occasionally, it’s easy to identify when you require going to see a professional, but sometimes, women make the error — either in an attempt to make savings or an over use of hubris — of handling it themselves. Usually, these little DIY efforts turn out fine, but when it’s mistaken, it can lead to problems like long-lasting skin damage, hair loss, and even bodily injury. At the very least, you might end up with a regrettable new look and have to live to tell.

Along with good advice, there is a lot of half-truths floating around on the internet too— and the average person may not spot the distinction when googling “how to treat cystic acne.” So how will you know when it’s acceptable to DIY and when you have to go see a professional? It depends not only on the beauty treatment, but as well as on the person trying it.

Further on, we list down beauty services and how to know which way — DIY or pro —to take for each.

Dyeing Your Hair

Beliefs on boxed hair dye are strongly separated. A few feel that it’s no big deal (and even adore the effect that they obtain from boxed dye), whereas others be adamant that it’s not the same as getting it professionally coloured. No matter which choice you fall in, it’s completely reasonable to be enticed by the enjoyment of altering your hair colour overnight with an inexpensive box of dye. We say go for it — so long as you follow some guidelines.

Don’t try to go more than one or two shades lighter or darker than your existing hair colour. If you have thick or long hair, you have to buy two boxes to ensure you have enough. And keep in mind: When deciding on a colour, do not go by the image of the model on the package. But, look for undertone keywords (for example, look for ash or cool either than warm or golden if you don’t want to have brassy undertones) and do some online investigation to observe how a particular dye looks on someone with same hair like yours.

When To Go To Professional Hair Salons

It’s time to set an appointment at professional hair salons if you wish for any of the following to be done: making dark hair to blonde, making several hair colour to white blonde, ombré or balayage, or coloring hair that’s previously been coloured or newly bleached (given that it is more prone to harm and surprising results). Once you’re happy with your spectacular hair color change, you can continue going back to the salon for touch-ups or, if you feel certain enough, you can try at-home follow ups. If choosing the latter route, make sure to watch your stylist vigilantly and ask questions previous to going home and performing your own root touch-ups or toner refreshers by hand.

Cutting Your Hair

When To DIY

When you’re planning to save a little cash and time, you can certainly do a trim or dusting at home. Follow this guide and use exceptional shears made for cutting hair, not the usual scissors. Be sure to go slow to steer clear of any catastrophe.

getting haircuts at professional hair salons

As for bangs…now who does not have a recollection of a late-night fringe choice that ended in some unattractive baby bangs? With that caution, bangs are your choice. Trimming fringe you previously have is pretty easy (here’s how), but bear in mind, a lot of salons will do it for you for free. Cutting new bangs is a bit trickier, but as well totally achievable. If you feel certain, go for it and use this as your guide. If you’ve never had bangs before and don’t feel too comfy with a pair of scissors, go to the salon to assure (well, almost) your first attempt with bangs is a good one.

When To Go To Professional Hair Salons

If you want everything harsher than a trim, visit the salon. If you’re compelled by the need to have Michelle Williams hair (yeah, us too) and there’s no time to squander, get to the salon, How hard could it be anyway, right? NO. STOP. PUT THE SCISSORS DOWN. This too applies to pixie cuts, lobs, even undercuts. An undercut is in fact very easy to keep up on your own with clippers, but it’s great to have an expert do the original shape first. (You can completely shave your head at home, though.

Eyebrow Shaping

When To DIY

A bit of plucking here and there to clean up the edges, get rid of stray hairs, and maintain brows looking neat is perfectly fine. (Although some eyebrow experts don’t want clients to pluck in between visits). Just know when not to use those tweezers. You do not want to get carried away (it happens!) and significantly change the shape or size of your brows. And keep in mind, the 10x magnifying mirror is not your pal.

When To See A Professional

It’s best to see an expert brow shaper under two circumstances: if you desire to have your brows totally reshaped (especially if you are trying to grow them out) or if you cannot trust yourself with the tweezers. Either way, find an expert that uses a method you feel comfy with, whether that means just tweezing, waxing, or threading. similar to your hair, it always helps to get a few pictures of the kind of brows you want

hair salons bleaching

10 Worst Things You Can Do to Your Hair According to Great Salons

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Everyone wants to have good-looking, strong, and shiny locks. Even though the main way to attain this goal is a well-balanced diet and good hair care, here show you a few things you may be doing the wrong way without even knowing about it. You’d better keep away from the things on this list to maintain your hairs health, according to great salons.

1. Waiting too long for a trim or cut

If you have split or frizzy hair, if it looks messy and has no shape any longer, if your hair tangles easily or gets plenty of single knots — you are most likely way past due for your hair cutting engagement, particularly if you want to have long hair. Your hair will be longer if you trim them on a habitual basis; not because your hair will grow quicker, but because the trimmings won’t be splitting and breaking.

Solution: Visit great salons regularly.

haircut from great salons

2. DIY — dyeing it yourself

DIY might be a handy practice for many occasions, but coloring the hair is not one of them unless you are an accomplished hairdresser, possibly, or at least know precisely what you’re doing. Most likely, you will end up going to great salons anyhow, but it will be way harder and more costly to fix whatever you have done. Just let the professionals deal with it from the start.

Solution: Great salons appointment.

3. Brushing or styling wet hair

When your hair is wet, it is very subtle and more prone to a hairline breakage. You can try-out a little to check it next time you wash your curls. Select one (only one, we don’t want you to get bald) and try to sever it. You will find that it breaks much easier compare to when the hair is dry. The brush does the same, but instead of one hair, it breaks hundreds.

The heat from hot tools (a curler or straightener) makes the water disperse extensively and, as we all learn at school, water expands with evaporation, breaking your locks. In addition, using hot tools will just fry your hair to finish the damage.

Solution: let it dry before brushing and styling, and using some heat protection products is also suggested.

4. Using unclean brushes

When you brush your hair, lots of dead skin particles end up on your brush, even if you cannot see it. Dead skin is an ideal location for growing germs, all sorts of them. Apart of being completely filthy, it can get transferred back to your scalp if you don’t clean your hair brushes habitually.

Solution: clean your brushes or put a tissue onto the brush previous to combing your hair. Dispose of the tissue after brushing, leaving the brush itself clean.

5. Washing your hair too frequently and with very hot water

The glands in our scalp create natural oils that are necessary for healthy curls, and hot water can take them away, making your hair dry and fragile. Over washing will sooner or later do the same. The hairdressers advise washing your hair twice a week, or three times if you have very oily hair.

Solution: don’t wash your hair every day and only use warm water.

6. Not using conditioner or using it instead of shampoos

Shampoos and conditioners are totally different products that are used for different purposes and cannot restore one another. Shampoos clean, conditioners moisturize.

Here’s a simple assessment: Your car needs petrol and oil, not one or another. They are not the same stuff, and your car won’t be appreciative if you pour petrol where oil is supposed to be. It is the same with your hair: if you use conditioner instead of shampoo, or not use it at all, your scalp won’t say, “Thank you.” Although, the damage won’t be as costly compared to the car… probably.

Solution: use both, first shampoo, then conditioner.

7. Not changing hair products when the hair’s changed

There are lots of different products on the market these days — for thin, coarse, colored, damaged hair, and much more. They have slightly different ingredients depending on the purpose. If your hair has changed, so should the products.

Let’s do a car assessment again. We all know that you shouldn’t put petrol into a diesel 4WD. So why would you use shampoo for oily hair if you have faded dry locks?

Solution: time to go shopping. Ask great salons for product suggestions based on your hair type.

shampooing hair

8. Brushing your hair too often and doing it from the roots

If you brush your hair from the roots, you end up making a very big knot and pulling lots of hair off. Doing this also weakens the roots. Over-brushing does comparable damage in general, don’t fix it if it’s not broken; in other words, don’t brush if it needn’t be brushed.

Solution: always start brushing your hair from the ends and work your way to the roots, untangling the knots along the way (and don’t overdo it).

9. Having a firm hairstyle too often

If you tie your hair very tightly very frequently, it may sooner or later be damaged it’s because you literally pull the hair from its roots. If a pigtail is your favourite style, avoid hair ties with metal parts or change the tie’s height every day, alternating “up” and “down” days.

Solution: knot your hair occasionally, but not every day.

10. Too much sun

Generally, if we plan to spend a long time outside, we keep in mind to use sunscreen but frequently forget to protect our hair. Too much contact with the sun damage not only your skin but your hair as well. If your hair is harshly discolored, looks and feels dry, and gets lots of split ends, then UV radiation is most likely to blame for it.

Solution: wear a hat or a scarf.

haircut from great salons

8 Questions You Need to Ask Your Hairdressers

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As much as you ask Google about things — How do I do a fishtail braid? What’s easy nail art that I can do myself? Where’s the best salon? — there are some things that Google can’t answer. Namely, particular, unique questions about your hair. If you’ve got fine, unruly, thick, dry or basically any kind of hair texture under the sun, you should be treating your hair individually than your friend with a different texture.

Much like going to the dermatologist and asking questions particularly about your own skin, going to the hair salon means that you can ask an expert what’s right for you. Below are seven questions you should be asking your hairdressers because Google probably won’t have the answers you’re looking for.

hairdressers blowdrying hair

What kind of shampoo and conditioner should I be using?

Granted, this question is often answered with one of the branded products sold at the salon, but your hairdressers will actually be able to point you in the right direction for your hair. Whether you’ve got split ends, colored hair, damaged hair, frizzy hair, curly hair, straight hair or anything, in particular, the shampoo and conditioner you use make a big difference, so be sure you’re doing your hair properly.

How often should I be cleaning my hair?

Though we don’t recommend washing your hair every day, every hair type differs, and if your roots get oily quickly, you may be better off shampooing every day. Ask your hairstylist about your own texture and get the straight prognosis.

What’s the best way to style my hair with natural texture?

Trying to play up your natural locks or your stick-straight hair can be a bit of a challenge, but there are some tools and products that help for each (for one thing, a diffuser). Spend time while you’re having a haircut or coloring session to ask about styling your hair in a healthy way.

Are there treatments that will bring my hair back to life?

Whether you need a straightening treatment, a gloss or something to help repair your damaged hair, ask your stylist about the kind of treatments will be best for your hair, then splurge on some caring the next time you need a pick-me-up.

What’s the best hairstyle for my face shape?

Create as many “Hair Inspiration” boards as you want on Pinterest, sometimes, the cut you’re looking for is just not right for your face shape. Ask hairdressers about your texture, shape and how much maintenance you’re willing to put in on every day to get the best idea of which haircut (or haircuts) will work for you.

How can I maintain color at home?

Switching between salon and box hair color is not advisable, but if you need to do a bit of root touching up at home and salon visits, ask your hairstylist about products that will work best so that you don’t mix any chemicals that should not mix with one another. That’s one absolute way to need a quicker salon appointment.

hairdressers cutting hair

Which hair color will work best for me?

This changes depending on the season (hair usually gets lighter in the summer months and darker in the winter), ask hairdressers about which color, aside from your natural one that will work best on you. If you want to change from blonde to velvet hair, you may want to go for strawberry blonde instead of auburn so that the change looks natural on you.

What is the upkeep needed to maintain my cut/color?

Again, you have to know yourself and the commitment you are going to make for a new cut or color before having it done. This is why it is very important to focus about this detail beforehand. Opening this issue to your stylist make adjustments to your color and haircut that works within your needs.

Whatever question you have in your mind, it will never hurts to ask. These are just basic jumping-off questions. When it comes to hairstyling, communication is needed and questions are a great way to build relationship with your hairdressers. It’s very important to be sure you and your hairstylist are both on the same page. After all, hairstyling and coloring are each different forms of art. Most professionals in the industry take enormous pride in their work and will want their customers to love the result.

Clean hair salon

How to Get It Right – Your Best Hair Salon

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The most ideal way to find a hair salon or hair stylist that could cater best to your needs is to ask people with hairstyles akin to what you want for a referral to their go-to hair salon. If you see a great hairstyle that you may have been unsuccessfully trying to pull off, ask the person which hair salon they went to.

Another thing that you can do to ensure that you go to the right salon is to book a consultation. A consultation lets you “feel out” a salon before making an appointment. During a consultation, you can see the different techniques that the stylists at the hair salon are using and how they work together with their customers. A consultation also lets you express what you want and get feedback from a professional, all before the first cut is made.

ideal hair salon

A professional stylist will discuss with you – and listen – to know more about your lifestyle, your activities, even your hair care routines and preferences, and will take stock of your hair condition, hair type, skin tones, face shape, and other features that may determine the best hairstyles for you.


Before you book an appointment any hair salon, you must have an idea about their pricing. The professional hairdressers may do a good job on your hair and leave you breathless but you may be just as breathless when you see the amount they charge you afterwards. Thus, the first factor to consider should be your budget.

Find a list of prices from various hair salons and compare them against the amount that you are willing to shell out. If you intend on making a particular salon your frequent go-to place, you may have to choose a hair salon with lower prices.


How far is the salon from your home, your office, or your local store? The distance from the main locations that your life rotates around matters a whole lot. If the salon is far from all these locations, that means that you can’t lump in going to the hair salon with other errands. Convenience matters.

You also do not want to get a salon that is a couple of hours away. It makes planning and going for a hair appointment a tad harder. There are so many other factors such as traffic to consider.

woman having her hair styled

Hair Salon Visit Frequency

How often do you plan on visiting this salon? If it is one-time deal, then you have less to think about. You can work with any salon is nearest you regardless of the budget or work with a salon that is far, regardless of the distance.

You may not have found your ideal hair salon if …

During your search for the right salon, there are some red flags that can be easily sensed to warn you of impending doom if you persist on going to a particular salon. Here are just a few:

Dirt and Grime

A clean hair salon is mandated by the state in which you live, yet some hair salons still tend to push the envelope where sanitation and cleanliness are concerned. Look for sanitary methods such as using clean combs and brushes and a clean and tidy workstation. Look at it this way, if the hairstylists of a salon do not take enough pride in their hair salon to keep it neat and clean, why would they be proud of the work they do with their clients?


A hair salon is a workplace and a gathering place as well, so you should feel like you have stepped into a professional but still friendly, customer-centered environment. Again, it is all about pride. Hair salons who take pride in their work will go all-out to create the ideal atmosphere for their customers.


Great communication is also important in a hair salon. Observe how the hairstylists interact with their customers (and each other). That is exactly how they will interact with you.

Eventually, it may take more than a little trial and error to find the ideal hair salon that caters to your needs well, but you can make your search more hassle-free by following our guide. Always remember, though, that picking the wrong hair salon is not a death sentence. Simply brush yourself off, move on, and keep looking.

classic wedding hair and makeup

Modern Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends

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Every bride deserves to be the star of the show on her big day. One of the biggest parts of feeling and looking like a princess is wedding hair and makeup. Although trends change from year to year, it’s easy to look like a modern bride without having to follow every single trend. Of course, if all the trends are your style, then go for it, girl!

Here’s some of the top modern wedding hair and makeup trends to make you feel and look like a timeless beautiful bride.

Trend No 1: No Extreme Contouring

Natural makeup is the way to go. Most weddings are daytime affairs, and extreme contouring is often considered a nighttime look. While you will likely want to use blush and highlighter, perhaps even some light contouring, the extreme look of heavy contouring may look awkward in the live event as well as in the photos in your album for the rest of your life.

Trend No. 2: Natural Colors and Tones

Makeup now is all about looking as naturally beautiful as possible. One trend is to look like you’re not even wearing makeup, if possible. Peaches, pinks, and neutral tones are a modern look not just for lips and cheeks, but for eyes too.

Some brides love the look of a dramatic lip, and dark lipstick colors are still incredibly popular for brides of all types. Consider coordinating your lipstick with your bridesmaid’s dresses, your flowers, or the other colors of your wedding decorations. You can either make your lips pop, or play up the other colors in your scheme. Talk to your makeup artist and try a few looks to find just the right one for you.

Braids, waves, and up-dos all remain popular wedding hair and makeup styles.
Braids, waves, and up-dos all remain popular wedding hair styles.

Trend No. 3: High gloss and clean shine

No, we don’t mean that your face should shine in every picture, but you might want your hair to! For the past few years, there have been many trends about hair, but now it’s all about natural shine and a high-gloss finish Whether you’re going for an up-do or loose and long hairstyle, hair should be as eye-catching as ever.

While your face shouldn’t shine (check your makeup as often as you need to!) one of the hottest items for any wedding day (or even your pre-wedding celebrations) is body and facial shimmer. In addition to highlighters and some light contouring, properly placed shimmer can add an element of magic to your look.

Trend No. 4: Fancy Accessories

It might not sound like it has much to do with wedding hair and makeup trends, but fancy accessories are all the rage and something to consider when planning your look. Tiaras, crystals, fascinators, elaborate flower headdresses – these are all now things you can and should consider if they’re right for your wedding’s style. Some ladies are even using arm bands, fancy ribbon designs, and elaborate coordinating jewelry. Don’t miss out on anything that can up your wedding hair and makeup game.

Trend No. 5: Slicked-back Short Hair

If you have short hair and want a chic hairstyle, don’t worry! The trend for short hair is a slicked-back look that is both classy and classic. Sleek short hair can make a bride look sophisticated and eye-catching, and it brings attention to the bride’s makeup and gorgeous dress.

Modern wedding hair and makeup style

Trend No 6: Blue Nail Polish

Okay, so this is a little out of the box, and you can do it more subtly if it strikes you as strange, for sure. You’ve heard that you’re supposed to get “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” to have with you on your wedding day to ensure a happy marriage? Well, many ladies are deciding to make the “something blue” a striking nail polish!

There are several light-blue – nearly lavender – shades that subtly add this color into your day’s attire, or you can go bold with a darker navy, if you’re that brave. Some brides are painting only one finger – such as the ring finger – with blue polish. And others are having a French manicure done with blue tips instead of white. It’s just a cool way to include some wedding hair and makeup traditions in a modern way.

Flower decoration at the beach wedding venue

Incredible Wedding Venues in Texas

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When considering wedding venues throughout Texas, you have many options. Indoors or outdoors, grand or simple. Chic? High class? Rustic? Themed? Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, and you should get the wedding venue that reflects your and your future spouse’s personalities and a celebration of your union.

The best part of life in the Lone Star State, where everything is bigger, is that includes weddings! Whether you want an intimate gathering or an all-out showstopper, Texas has some of the most incredible, luxurious, and surprisingly affordable wedding venues for any design you have in mind.

Amazing Indoor Wedding Venues

Churches & Barns

Looing for a classic indoor wedding? Or something a little more specific to the location? Throughout Texas, you can find some of the most romantic Spanish influenced churches and cathedrals to host lavish weddings for rows of guests, as well as small-town, big-hearted churches that bring all your loved ones together close to your heart.

If you’re quite sure about a church wedding, but you are sure that you want something indoors and you’re up for trying some fun and rustic, what about a barn? Some of the barns in Texas are nicer than houses in other places, so if you started to laugh at the thought of it – take a look at these barns that include full bars, dance floors, and all the rustic charm.

Indoor wedding venues like ballrooms give elegance and class to your event.

Ballrooms & Museums

Okay, so you know you want an indoor wedding venue, but you don’t think you want something too formal or too informal. Classy, but fun. Maybe a little different. But grand. (of course – it should be easy to get everything you want in one venue, right?)

Consider if scheduling a ballroom or a museum as your venue is a good idea. Ballrooms give wide spaces that are great for mingling and make it easy to set up food, and of course, dance the night away at the reception. Museums of all types often rent their space out for weddings, and in Texas that includes the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the Museum of Biblical Arts, and the Dallas Museum of Art, to name a few.

Amazing Outdoor Wedding Venues

In Texas, there are more ranches, country spaces, and fields of green than you can count. But, each of them can be uniquely perfect backdrops for your wedding. Venues accommodate outdoor settings all the time, and depending on your style, you can find a backdrop that ranges from the dramatic cityscape to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s popular in Texas to set up a wedding ceremony along a river, for example, like along the Guadalupe River at the Milltown Historic District and Cherokee Rose, or along the San Antonio River at the Guenther House. Additionally, pick a breathtaking location lakeside or on a high ridge overlooking the surrounding country for incredible landscapes to backdrop your romantic day.

If you want something a little more beach-friendly, you have a range of locations to choose from along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Check out South Padre Island as one picture-perfect and affordable oceanside destination. Enjoy saying your vows at the water’s edge, with a Caribbean, tropical feel and an incredible view, all without having to leave the state that’s home to the best barbecue.

Rooftop wedding venues are fun and fancy.

Big City Rooftop Wedding Venues

Whether you’re in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or one of Texas’ other cities that reach to the sky, you’ll find class, elegance, and unique Texas flair at gorgeous city-gazing rooftop wedding venues. Usually including restaurants, dance floors, and in-house entertainment to keep your guests amazed while the views of the surrounding city keep their eyes sparkling. If you’re not afraid of heights, and you’re not afraid of giving your guests a VIP, exclusive-event feeling at your wedding, consider a rooftop wedding venue.

Best Wedding Venues in Texas

There’s thousands of wedding venues in Texas, so it’s hard to choose the best. Especially since everyone is looking for something different for their ideal wedding. Whatever you do, live by the Texas motto: Go big or go home!

Wedding hair stylist and bride

Choosing the Right Wedding Hair Stylist

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Finally! It’s here! Your big day – and you’re ready to look your best. You’ve been dreaming about all the details of your wedding for years, and in planning the crucial details to get the day right, one of the things you can’t forget is the wedding hair stylist.

Shop around for a stylist

Shopping for a hair stylist for your wedding day can be stressful, but don’t worry! There’s a few key things you can do to make it easier.



Where will your wedding be? Although you may want to have your hair done at your favorite salon, it will be hard if the journey will end up taking too long to get to the wedding destination.

If possible, always try to coordinate the hair and makeup team to come to the wedding location, or schedule yourself at a salon that’s as close as possible.

Hair Style:

The location of the wedding ceremony will help you determine the style of the dress you’ll wear, and then, of course, the style of your dress helps determine the style of your hair. Some hairstyles are more elaborate, requiring extensions, hair pieces, coloring, or accessories. So, you’ll want to make sure that you chose a wedding hair stylist who can accommodate whatever request you throw at her (or him!)


Does this person normally do wedding hair? If not, you might want to give them a hard pass. You need to make sure that you’re dealing with someone reliable, someone professional, someone who knows what they’re doing – can be trendy or classic – and won’t let you down on your big day. Of all the things to stress over at your wedding, your hair shouldn’t be one of them.

How to find the right stylist

Well, there’s always the Yellow Pages. (J/k – who even does that anymore?)

Where should you go if you want to find the best wedding hair stylist that fits your needs? Instagram. Yelp. Google Pages. Any of the places that you can see real work that the stylist has done before – real examples of people showing off their hair. You want to see the pictures. You want to see the video – and there are places online that not only let you search by location, but let you see an entire portfolio of someone’s work, so you know very well who you’re dealing with.

What questions you should ask

Don’t be shy! This is one of the most important days of your life, so ask all the questions you need to in order to feel ready and that this person is the right person for you.

A few questions we recommend asking potential wedding hair stylists when you interview them:

  • How long have you been styling hair for weddings?
  • Are you familiar with the challenges of styling my hair for this particular location (beach, outdoors, etc.)?
  • How long do you think this hairstyle will take?
  • What should I do to prepare my hair for my big day? Do I need special conditioners, extensions for this style, color treatments ahead of time, etc?
  • What kind of accessories in my hair would you recommend to coordinate with my dress and/or veil?

Bring pictures

If possible, always show the wedding hair stylist pictures of your exact dress (or at least as close as possible, if there’s a reason you can’t show them the dress), and be prepared to show pictures of your bridesmaids’ dresses (or at least the color). The more images you can have that show them the style you’re after, the better you can work together to figure out how to get it done right.

Lastly, be flexible

Life happens. Sometimes, the extensions are the wrong color, or the hair piece won’t stay in place (or it breaks), or some other small disaster happens.

To plan for this, or practice for it, ask the potential stylist what he/she would do if an urgent situation like that occurred. How would they fix it on the spot?

And then, realize that it’s not the hair that is the most important thing on your big day – it’s your love. So relax, trust the professional you hire, enjoy the beauty of the moment. And remember to smile.

Fall Wedding Hair Trends

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While summer may be a favorite season for weddings, the fall exudes a certain feeling of charm and elegance. It’s no wonder lots of brides choose fall time to tie the knot. With the fall, brides don’t have to worry about summer heat ruining their hair and makeup; they can also enjoy the fantastic fall weather for their perfect outdoor wedding. However, heading into beauty salons for seasonal color and style for your fall wedding can be tricky. In today’s post, we’ll talk about fall color and hairstyles that will look lovely for the brides of autumn.

Make Your Beauty Salon Standout

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As a beauty professional, you are familiar with making your clients look good, feel good, and stand out. But when it comes to your salon business, how will you make sure it’s a standout among other salons out there?

We’ve gathered some of the best ideas to help promote your name out there – from what to do at your brick and mortar place to how to navigate the digital world.