Tips for the Perfect Prom Hair on Your Prom Night

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Prom is one of the most expected nights a girl grows up fantasizing about. That one night to get glammed up with the perfect prom hair, explore the night with your friends, and commemorate the end of high school, and a new start is a memory every girl treasures forever.

From clothes to shoes, the date, the hair, the vehicle, and everything in between, preparing for your prom can practically feel like a part-time job in itself! That is why we have designed this ultimate guide to prom hair to help you to check that precise hairstyle off your list of prom to do’s.

Prom hair is one of the things that a lot of girls worry about at prom.

Since prom hair is similar to long, voluminous hair, we got you covered. If you own shorter hair and have always imagined of that perfect prom hairdo with long curls, or an elegant updo, hair extensions are the secret to that excellent prom hairstyle.

Remember, though, hair extensions are not just for short to long hair alterations. Use some wefts to spice up your style, apply a full set for an entire change with Victoria’s Secret model-esque waves, or also opt for a lesser set to score volume to your lob! How you apply hair extensions for your prom hairstyle is completely up to you, but, is the ideal way to guarantee that your hair matches your dress in the most exciting means necessary.

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Picking the Perfect Prom Hair: Where to Begin

With a lot of sources out there, picking the best prom hairstyle to go with your attire and particular style has never been more natural. To begin, we suggest selecting inspiration photos of hairstyles that articulate you. Pinterest has a lot of stunning prom hairstyle inspiration photos, with an unlimited amount of alternatives.

To guide you in narrowing down some looks, design your own prom board, where you can pin your choice looks to for later reference. Keep the following in mind when selecting these appearances:

What is your actual hair type?

Keeping genuine about your actual hair type will help you to narrow down on a haircut that will gratify you best. Do you have pin-straight hair that does not hold curl properly? You may require to steer away from those big, bouncy, curly hairstyles. Do you possess naturally curly hair and require to have it professionally arranged?

Sometimes, it is best to improve your actual hair for the big day, preferably than fussing with a hairstyle that just will not hold. Ask yourself what kind of styling works best for your actual hair type, and if you have your heart fixed on a particular prom hairstyle, discuss with your hairstylist first to guarantee that they will be capable of creating the hairstyle with satisfaction.

Is there a theme for the prom?

One of the appealing parts about some prom nights is the imaginative theme that the evening is based off. Are you attending to go with this theme? If so, factor the prom theme into your researches when you are selecting within photos to get a little more artistic and unique with your look.

Will you be dancing?

If you are that girl that won’t be holding back on the dance floor. You might want to have a hairstyle that will stay intact through all of that action. Picking out hairstyles that do not need too much bobby pins, intricate styling, or accessories may be the way to go so that you can feel free to dance all night long and toss your hair with self-confidence.

Achieve Versatile Prom Hair Styles

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding on how to style your prom hair.

Ladies, we are going to permit you in on a little secret. Most of the hairstyles that you see out there require hair extensions. Even your favorite celebs wear hair extensions (Ariana, anyone?), simply because hair extensions allow for such a wide range of hairstyles. If you have shorter or thinner hair and are dreaming of that particular hairstyle, a few wefts of hair extensions can make all the difference and give you a brand new prom hair look.